Reboot problem on pi 4

Hey folks, it looks like my pisound + pi 4b is potentially having the old problem of hung reboot. Basically, after flashing the SD card I can bring up modep and do all the things successfully (played guitar with a Muff Pi and echo). I shutdown via software, wait several minutes, detach power, move the box to its final resting place, plug power back in and it bricks. No video, no SSH, just the red power light and no other activity.

I’m using latest patchbox OS. I’ve verified through pisound config that my pi 4 compatibility is deemed to be true. I’ve tried 2 different SD cards (32 GB SanDisk Extreme Plus, and a 16GB PNY). Each time, I have to reflash to reboot.

Pisound Config reports:

Button Version: 1.11
Server Version: 1.03
Firmware Version: 1.03
Hardware Version: 1.1
Serial Number: PS-3ZSEBYM

Any ideas?

Hi, it must be something else - the original reboot issue was due to power design changes in Raspberry Pi 4, compared to earlier versions, and it didn’t result in SD card corruption.

What is the power supply you are using?

Could you try instead of reflashing, just placing the SD card into a desktop computer? It used to help me recover from a similar state after inserting it to my Windows computer, waiting until it’s recognized, and safely ejecting it. I think it does some file system fix that Raspberry Pi’s bootloader is uncapable of doing it on its own. Then the system gets bootable again.

The power supply is a CanaKit 3.5A Raspberry Pi 4 Power Supply (USB-C). I just realized that it isn’t the official PS. I’ll order the official PS and get back to this thread in a few days.

FWIW, I placed the SD card into my Mac laptop, read the directory listing, ejected, and put it back in the Pi. No effect.


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Got the new power supply. Unfortunately, it has no effect. The SD card is corrupted after each shutdown and subsequent restart, regardless of how long I wait. This happens for 2 different SD cards.

Are you using 8GB Raspberry Pi? Did you try this image: [Beta] Patchbox OS image 2020-11-23 ?

It’s the 2GB version, but I’m willing to try a non-realtime kernel. Downloading now…

I changed two things and it now works. Unfortunately, I changed them at the same time (I usually only change one variable at a time). I’m now using the Beta image in non-realtime mode. I also switched to using sudo halt as my shutdown step from sudo shutdown, as recommended on one of the Pi sites.

I have no doubt that using an inferior power supply contributed to the problem initially as well.

Thanks for your help!

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