CC LFO question

Hello, proud Midihub user here :stuck_out_tongue:

Lately, we are trying to make a generic patch for Analog Rytm mk2.

We are facing a problem where we have set an LFO (in Midihub) and mapped a knob from a controller to control the depth of the modulation. Though we have a problem where when the depth is 0 the last broadcasted value from Midihub is 64 (which is the 0 part of the phase of the LFO)… Is there a way to broadcast 0 when the LFO depth is 0?

I haven’t tried it yet but I figured I could maybe transform the value “64” to be “0” with a transform pipe but I’m afraid it will be silly to “jump” to 0 whenever the 64 value is met…

Could we use a re-scale pipeline, currently I can’t wrap my head around how to do it with the negative values and such, Do you guys have any other ideas on how we should do this?

Thanks :smiley:

Hey, so you want the waveform to ‘stick to the bottom’ sort of? :slight_smile: If so, that’s possible:

LFO at bottom.mhp (866 Bytes)

The key is to use Active Modulation mode of the LFO, catch the mapped CC control, multiply its value by 2, remap it to the same CC number as the LFO is producing, and you should get something usable. The knob range will be 0%-50% before it starts clipping.

See the attached preset’s description on how to customize it for your needs.

Here’s what it produces, I used the mapped CC control during the recording to change the depth and base of the LFO:

oh that’s genius, LFO pipe states that it can modulate an incoming cc value and my brain stuck to thinking that I should broadcast the analog rytm cc values (and have the mapped cc to only change the lfo depth).

From what you say I understand that the modulation will be produced based on the actual value given from the controller knob, which also controls the LFO Depth.

That’s great! thanks tons!, I’ll try it out when I go to the studio and come back!

p.s.: please correct me if my explanation is wrong!

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Yes, the same CC control will control 2 things for the LFO.

It’s a bit complicated to explain how this should be set up, so let me know if you can’t get it working. :slight_smile: It should work fine, as long as the first 3 pipes let through the exact same CC # message as the one mapped to the Depth parameter. The Remap and CC LFO should also be using a matching output CC number.

Oh cool, I think I will be able to reproduce also using your file! I will return in either failure or success!

Thank you again!

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Actually there might be a way simpler solution to this. :slight_smile:


The LFO should have a constant Depth of 64, the Rescale pipe should be set like this:


The Out High parameter should be MIDI mapped to a CC to control the ‘height’ of the LFO. Also, full knob range is retained.


Yep, last patch works great! Thank so much for your time and help!

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