Have 'Rescale' only apply to a specific CC number?

Is there a way to do this? Or do I need to have multiple pipes with CC filters?

Put a filter before Rescale to pass through only the CCs you want to process, or use a common virtual pipeline to send various CCs to the same Rescale pipe from other pipelines.

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Hi Giedrius,

Thanks for the tip, but I ran into problems doing it that way.

I want to do two things with my Volca Keys:

  1. Add filter keyboard tracking by mapping note number to filter cutoff; and
  2. Add velocity sensitivity to filter cutoff by mapping velocity to EG intensity.

The reason for the rescale is so I can map the upper and lower ‘out’ values to controller knobs, in order to adjust the amount of each parameter.

The problem is that both things I want to do rely on ‘note on’ messages. If I have a separate pipe for each, with the transform set to ‘insert before’, then I get duplicate note messages. If I set the transform to ‘replace’ and create another pipe for only note on/off messages, the notes play before the CC messages kick in.

Am I missing something?

Appreciate the help, as always.

Please attach your current preset here, I’m sure we can figure something out to make it work as you like. :slight_smile:

Thanks Giedrius!
Here’s what I have…
Volca Keys.mhp (348 Bytes)
CC 44 = filter cutoff
CC 45 = filter EG int.

Hi, try this:

Volca Keys_2.mhp (376 Bytes)

You may have to adjust the Filter pipes there to your needs, I didn’t match them exactly how they were. The first [From Virtual A] passes through everything but the notes to output, then the next [From Virtual A] inserts the CC44 and CC45 before Note On messages, using note number and velocity number respectively, then the rest of [From Virtual B] lines process the CCs to rescale them, as well as passes through the Note On messages itself.

I see how this may be greatly simplified, if Rescale pipe would have a parameter to set it to work only with individual CC number, then it could all be done in a single row. :slight_smile: I’ll note this down to be added in some future update.


Ahhh, clever!
Thanks a lot!!

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This sounds like a good feature.

I think it would be particularly useful to be able to scale the CC range to control miscellaneous Midihub Modifier parameters.

For example, I’d like to use an encoder knob to change the base note of a Scale Remap modifier, but would like to use range 0-11 (vs. 0-127) of the encoder knob to do that, so it’s a lot less knob to turn.

Same thing would also apply to arp divisions, arp type, etc—parameters that have only a small range of options to toggle between…

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We plan to extend MIDI mapped parameters to allow for setting their range in a future update.

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