Control change value remap

Hi everyone, i would like to know if it is possible to get the midihub to transform a cc value of 0 to 63. i use pads of akai midi controller to send momentary control changes. the pads are velocity sensitive, sending an output value linked to velocity when pressed. when the pad is released, it sends out a value of zero. i would like to transform that 0 to 63, to match my sampler needs, without affecting values between 1 and 127. i am trying with tranform, with no success. any suggestion accepted. thanks.

Hi, I’m not sure if I understand your question:

  1. the pads transmit cc vals 1-127 when hit, 0 when released? (or is it NoteOn hit, NoteOff release?)
  2. you want to map that to 1-127 when hit, 63 when released?

IF it’s a cc->cc, then try this:
cc0to63.mhp (332 Bytes)
the patch:

  1. takes incoming cc#107 & Transforms to cc#100 but only in range {0,0}
  2. Rescales cc#100 {0,0}->{63,63}
  3. Transforms cc#100 back to cc#107

Now only cc#107value0 is changed to cc#107value63.
Is that what you’re after?
The NoteOn/Off scenario is slightly simpler.


thank you very much for your answer, you cracked it, that is what i need. cc messages, not note off messages. thanks again.

@Qhr33k glad to have got you started!
(Useful for me too to explore the fuller capabilities of Transform CC->CC; not played with “Work in Range…” before)
have fun with your Midihub & hit that heart button!