Midihub Transform Pipe - CC to CC

Hello all,

Need some help here replacing a control change:

  • My synth (master) sends CC#7 for volume control.
  • My MBase11 kick responds to CC#117 for volume control (works with Faderfox external controller).

When using the transform pipe, I can’t get it to work no matter the combinations of available options.
Can someone detail to me the correct option values for it to be transformed correctly?

Thank you in advance

Hey, check this out:

CC7 to CC117.mhp (76 Bytes)

The idea is to filter out all of the messages, except for the ones you want to transform, and then do the transformation and send to an output. (could be a Virtual output too)

Hi Giedrius

This is so awesome … worked flawlessly, I knew I was doing something wrong.
Thank you so much !


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By the way, a quicker way to do the same is to replace CC Range Filter and Transform pipes with CC Remap:


… Midihub is such a marvelous device :wink:
Thanks again.

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Lets say I wanted to complicate things a bit…

  • Keeping the above CC remap pipe, could I remap CC#24 (rotary from my synth) to program change on my MBase11?

For that you’d do it in another line similarly to my first reply, except set Transform to convert into Program Change messages, and set the program number to CC value.

This might not be ideal though for all receiving devices, as responding to a Program Change message might not be immediate (it usually requires loading the entire program from non-volatile memory which which can be slower), and a knob being turned will produce a high number of messages, so in other words, lots of program changes that the receiving device must process. Of course the receiving device might be fast enough too. :slight_smile: Only experimentation will show.

It would be more efficient if you had some buttons that send a particular CC value when pressed.

Hi, just got my Midihub and really excited to dive in! I have a similar situation to above. I have an old Faderfox box that sends out fixed CC messages (designed to control Ableton Live) and I want to remap them all to control an Octatrack in a DAWless setup. Would I just do one line as above for each CC, or is there a way to map all the CC messages in a table or similar? Thanks for your work on this, awesome piece of kit and built like a tank!

If there’s multiple consecutive CCs, you could use one line for them, but yes, multiple lines will be necessary.

There was a suggestion for a ‘CC Bank/map’ type of pipe, which would make this easier, we’ll look into that at some point in the future.

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Fab, thanks for the instant reply! Will share a Micromodul LV1 – > Octatrack mapping if/once I get it working :+1: