Single LFO cycle

Hi All.

Is there any way to trigger a single cycle of the LFO? I am looking to trigger fade out / fade in using a saw waveform that runs once.

Hey, not possible at the moment, but we plan to add it. :slight_smile:


Thanks Giedrius.

I managed to build a workaround for this. A button on my Launchpad that on one press fades out my digitakt track volume (or any other parameter) using CC, and on a second press fades it back in.

Happy to hear if there are any ideas for improvements to be made on this. At a high level I am doing the following:

  1. Send a CC message containing the phase for the LFO waveform.
  2. Convert (and insert after) a Note on from the initial CC message.
  3. The unmodified CC goes on to reset the LFO and sets the phase using mappings.
  4. Delay turns the note into a stream of notes lasting one bar - or as long as you want.
  5. Convert (and replace) the notes back into CC. I now have a stream of CCs all with value 50.
  6. LFO with triangle wave and “passive mod” modifies the CC stream into an ascending or descending series depending on the passed in phase. (1->100 or 100->1)
  7. A bit of other fiddling like a very small initial delay on the notes to give the CC a chance to update the phase and reset the LFO.

I am impressed by the power of the pipes. But look forward to a control in the LFO for this :slight_smile:


Awesome use of the Delay pipe for this! :slight_smile:

Can you post your file? Interesting solution!

Yes sure! I just had to rebuild it tonight and need to figure out the best way to share.

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Patch Storage is a popular way to share midihub patches. Easy to use.

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Thanks! Yes I had to get the file of my Raspberry pi which was a pain. Here is the file in case anyone is interested.


I’d recommend using ssh and scp for that, there’s even GUI clients available to browse the files remotely, like WinSCP. :slight_smile: Makes it quite convenient. These days, even Windows can support SSH, so this is the method I transfer files between all the various devices we have here.

Thanks :slight_smile: good call.

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