LFO only Works on MIDI Channel 1

I am using an LFO to modulate the Cutoff frequency of an Arturia Microfreak. The LFO works fine on MIDI channel 1, I can change the waveform of the LFO and the Microfreak responds with no problem.
If I change the MIDI Channel to anything other than channel 1, the LFO does not work at all. I would have attached the .mhp file, which is just a very simple MIDI In to LFO to MIDI Out but, apparently, the forum does not allow new users to upload files.

Hey, how do you change the channel?

I’ve increased the trust level for your user, so hopefully you can now attach the preset. :slight_smile:

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I have attached the .mhp file. As I mentioned it is a very simple MIDI in to LFO to MIDI out. I change MIDI channels by physically changing them on both the Controller (Keystep Pro) and the Synth (Microfreak). I have tried a couple of other controllers too and get the same issue.Midihub 2020.06.12 16.07.13 (Preset 7).mhp (118 Bytes)

So you want the CC LFO to produce CC values on a different channel than channel 1? If so, you should just place a Channel Remap pipe, after CC LFO, set Out Low and Out High values to the desired channel. This is completely independent from what channels and MIDI Inputs you are using in the preset - the LFO is simply producing CC values according to its parameters on MIDI Channel 1.

Hi, I see what you are saying, but it is not what I want to do. I want the MIDI controller to be set to Channel 2, plugged in to the Midihub, going through an LFO and out to the synth also set to Channel 2. I don’t want the Controller set to Channel 1, I want to use Channel 1 for something else. So it is not a case of remapping, just using Channel 2. Currently, if the MIDI controller is set to Channel 2 and the Synth is set to Channel 2 and I pass the MIDI through the LFO pipe, the LFO does nothing. If I set the two things to Channel 1, everything works fine, but this is not what I want.

Are you telling me that the Midihub will only work with MIDI coming in on Channel 1 and that it has to be remapped to achieve anything? If this is the case, 3 of the Midi Input ports would seem to be redundant.

Hi @deebee ,

I’ve just made a big patch where I’ve a MIDI controller (Keystep) on input A and then I’m mapping that to 4 MIDI channels 1-4 on output A. I’ve also got a second MIDI controller on MIDI B sending on channel 9 which I use to control parameters in the patch. And CC values from the controller on port B go out port A on channels 1-4 (I’m controlling a Digitone) and also on port B (to control a Zoia). So what you want to do is definitely…doable!

As @Giedrius said if you want the CC LFO to control the synth on MIDI channel 2 you need to put a channel re-map module between the CC LFO and To A. That maps the LFO’s output to whatever channel you need. Otherwise the CC LFO defaults to outputting on MIDI channel 1.

Take a look at my patch here: Mapping MIDI CC LFO to see what I mean


Hey, I think you misunderstood, you only need to remap the CC LFO pipe to channel 2 and leave the rest as is, you may use any MIDI channel as you see fit.

In your preset, you’re not really passing any data through CC LFO, as it is in the generator position (being the leftmost pipe), where it is producing output on its own. The end result is that you’re just combining MIDI data on an input port with what CC LFO is producing and sending them to same output.

You’d get the intended result if you’d place a Channel Remap pipe to the right of CC LFO, and remap its output to Ch. 2, and use Channel 2 on your other devices.

We will update the CC LFO pipe documentation accordingly, we missed mentioning that it’s producing CC messages on Ch.1 and to use other channels, it should be combined with Ch. Remap pipe.


Hi, Thanks for the super fast response. Remapping the LFO to Channel 2 did the trick, I can now use the LFO with all my stuff set to channel 2. Thanks again.