Is midi cc mix possible?

I am thinking of introducing midihub.
I’ve touched the editor, but I can’t get any confirmation.

Input CC100 for MIDI in A port as absolute value
Input CC100 on MIDI in B port as relative value
Can midihub mix these two and output from any MIDI out?

It can be done. :slight_smile: However, currently the ‘mixed’ value will only get produced when the absolute value is sent through Midihub. For the adjusted value to be produced when the relative value is sent, I’ll note it down to modify the CC LFO pipe to produce an output every time the ‘Depth’ parameter gets changed.

CC Abs Rel Mix.mhp (65 Bytes)

CC 100 would be the ‘absolute value’ and the ‘Depth’ parameter of CC LFO should be mapped using the ‘map’ button to CC 100 coming in from MIDI B.

The key settings in CC LFO to make this work, is the 100% duty cycle PWM wave function, which basically is a constant value regardless of the other wave parameters, the Mode is set to Active Mod. (Passive Mod. would work too), so it is affecting the incoming CC 100 value, rather than producing values completely on its own.

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Thanks for the reply.
Sounds interesting, I’ll buy it and give it a try!

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Midihub arrived today.
It’s a great product. :laughing:

Is it possible to assign a virtual MIDI CC to a map?
I’d like to assign the LFO depth to a moderated value of the input from my MIDI controller.

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Excuse me for repeating myself.
Currently, the maximum number of offsets that can be added using LFO is 64.
In the future, it would be nice to be able to add offsets by specifying MIDI channel and CC by just adding one pipe.

The Depth parameter range is 0 - 255, you may map CCs to modify nearly every parameter on Midihub from external devices. To affect the value though, you have to filter unnecessary messages from the MIDI stream to close in on the value you’re after.

Yes, a dedicated pipe would be useful. :slight_smile:

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