Switching CC assignment of an LFO

Octatrack user here, I want to create a patch that utilises LFOs to modulate certain parameters of the Octatrack. Instead off the CC being static, mapped to filter I want to be able to change the assignment in a live situation. Would be great to setup an number of midi buttons to select the CC assignment. Any ideas on how to achieve this?

you can use 1 output as a loopback, sent midi CCs are ‘learnable’ when they come back in. have been hoping they’ll put this in code to save the port one day.

just make sure you get your clock/message filtering right heh

Thanks, probably didn’t explain what I’m trying achieve very well.

So imagine an LFO in midihub assigned to say CC70. I want to use a midi controller to adjust the CC assignment in real time. I have a midi fighter twister that has push button CC’s. Let’s say I use 8X of the buttons to select which CC the LFO is assigned to.

Guessing the implementation will involve creating mirrors of the LFO and then some trickery to select which midi pipe is active. Does that make sense?

Can you set what CC value the push buttons produce? Can each of them output fixed values like 70, 80, 83 when hit (but no value when released)?

If yes and yes, you could just configure the controller to produce particular messages and map all of those controls to CC LFO’s CC parameter.

Alternatively, you can chain CC Remap pipes, Out Low and Out High of each set to a different CC number you want to have, and map the Bypass parameter. Then keep all but 1 pipes bypassed.

Yes and yes :+1: the midi fighter does do this. That’s a great workaround. Thanks mate

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If all of them can be assigned to same CC#, but produce different value, then one mapping would be enough. :slight_smile: