Can MidiHub do a dump of current CC values?

It would be ace if my faderfox could be updated with the current values of specific presets when I switch to them. is it possible to dump CC values? I.e. in the manner of CC61 on the Octatrack, whereby it sends out all current CC mapping values and the faderfox updates itself accordigly.

Hey, currently it can’t do that.

Where would all the CCs be stored? In some special pipe? Or do you mean you’d like Midihub to automatically send some CCs to trigger this functionality in connected devices upon switching a preset?

The way the octatrack works is that if you send it CC61, it sends out all its other current CC values.

Paulink, are you getting your octatrack to update your faderfox this way? I have a PC4. While it will keep up if a CC changes linearly on my OT, the PC4 seems not to accept jumps in values.

I was programming the midihub to transform the program change sent by the OT on pattern change into a CC61 back to the OT. Thought I could link a new part to the new pattern and totally reconfigure the faderfox with all the new CC values of the new part. The OT cooperated and sent the new CCs whenever the pattern changed, but unless they were only off by one from the old faderfox value, it wouldn’t update them.

Maybe I should turn smoothing off at the faderfox but that is its own tradeoff.

No I mean some way of getting the midihub to spit out it’s current (mapped) values to update the faderfox. Perhaps it’s just a pipe dream :wink:

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I have an EC4 and the CC61 trick works just fine. I can’t really comment on the PC4 - I’m a bit of a noob tbh. I know about my stuff and not much else. If I were you though, I would trade that PC4 for an EC4 - it’s a gamechanger for the OT. I have so many different pages set up for otherwise disparate functions and also use it to control the midihub - a page given over to the arpeggiator, for example, as well as 16 CC LFOs and all their settings.


So basically you’d like all the mapped parameters in Midihub to produce the equivalent CC messages of the mapped parameters’ values?

Yes. You’ve put it much better than I did.

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Thanks Paulink, sounds like the EC4’s feedback is different than the PC4’s snap/jump modes, good to know!

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EC4 has infinite encoders, so they simply update to the respective value. I’ve been dreaming of something like this for decades.

@Paulink can you share that preset? Or is it a simple transform program change to CC and then sent back to the Octatrack?

I’ve just ordered an EC4 and want to try that to have feedback between both

Btw, does Octatrack send program change when switching patterns the same way it sends when you set it up in the MIDI tracks?

Anyway, if you can share it that’s great :slight_smile: