LFO on pitchbend

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I would like to apply an LFO on pitchbend values and send them to a hardware sampler that can receive pitchbend informations. And I would love to use the mod wheel of my midi keyboard to control the amplitude of the LFO. Do you think that would be possible?

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The second bit is the easier: you map the LFO depth to your mod wheel.

The first is tricky at first glance:

look at Transform when you set What=Control Change and Into=Pitch Bend,
then you see you get Set Pitch Bend LSB to and Set Pitch Bend MSB to.

So you’ve got two bits of data that might both need varying. In concert with eachother.

Change just LSB & you’ll only get micro changes. Change just MSB & you’ll get bigger jumps in pitch.
That might be OK for what you want (partic if your synth allows you to set PB to a small semitone range[1])

As far as I can see, co-ordinating two LFOs would be a challenge. Not impossible.

Try Transforming an LFO CC into just one of them to start “hearing” your way into the task!
If the sound you’re trying for is a bit more tolerant of two LFOs acting independently then you’re OK
(but you’re still talking of relative rates equivalent to 1/16 vs 8 bars!)

Both these LFOs internal?

Later: [1] I did couple of little tests with “coarse” Pitch Bend on a small PB range. I might be enough for what you want.

Hey thanks for your idea! It’s working! Though I don’t really understand how these MSB & LSB values work. Do you know a bit more about this ? I would love to being able to have a big amplitude with my LFO

Maybe this will help? It’s a preset that changes cc to nrpn.

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Pitchbend is like two linked CCs, MSB taking one step for every 128 LSB steps:

Gives 128 x finer ‘resolution’ than CC (though I bet few of your controls with a PB wheel/strip go close to achieving that resolution!)

Do you mean the effect of the maximum LFO depth being more than say ±6 semis?
Can you change PB range in your synth? (many will allow a maximum range of ±2 octaves, others (eg some Volcas) will respond to PB but not allow you to change the range.)

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It’s working with @resonotter solution but I will have a look at it, I don’t know what NRPN are :slight_smile:

Cool thanks for the explanation!

Yeah you’re right the maximum pitchbend range comes from my hardware sampler. I will have a look at it.

I have a last question about it regarding the mapping of the LFO “depth” value to my modulation wheel : I would like to limit the maximum depth value to 64. I tried the limiter pipe on CC1 but it’s not working…

yep, the the full range of your mod wheel will go through to the LFO depth.
(Currently) it doesn’t matter what you do to CC1 after it enters Midihub, the LFO will respond to the value that enters the Input ie. {0-127}.
So I’m afraid it’s a case for a loopback if you want to Rescale CC1 to {0-64} before it enters that Input.

So Question: will this be part of the same patch we did about a month ago?
(post it up?)
This use of loopback will be simple in comparison.

Ah ok I see!
Yes it’s actually for the same patch :slight_smile:
I thought of the loopback idea, but do you think that would work using the existing loopback? I don’t have any OUT left…!

should be able to use same loopback. probably using a separate pipeline. just need to take care with filters.
At worse, you might need to Transform your CC1 into say another CC/ channel/ whatever (& map that to LFO) –just so you don’t get the same thing passing through both ends of the line (ie. endlessly!)

it’s working, thanks a lot!!

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Hey @klutio, as a postscript:
I discovered when testing for you the other day that one of my controllers - a KeyStep – didn’t transmit a genuine Pitchbend (all the LSB values were 0, ie no greater resolution than a CC).
Testing others, I discovered that all of my ‘genuine’ PitchBend ‘producers’ are more than 20 years old!

So I guess your patch will do as well as most ‘modern’ controllers

Pitchbend just ain’t what it used to be…

hmmm that’s interesting !!