Can I run the editor through the deluge?

Is it possible to chain the editor?
I am trying to have my Deluge on USB connected and the MIDIHUB on another USB connected to my WIN10 PC and would like to have the Editor in between.

Hi, what do you mean by chaining? Do you want to process Deluge MIDI data connected via USB to PC with Midihub?

If so, that’s possible - you have to set up some software to do the forwarding, most likely you can do that in your DAW if you’re using one, otherwise, you may use MIDI-OX or similar software.


Thx for your help, I will give it a try.
Because I am DAWless i am always in trouble with MIDI loopbacks, especially since I´ve tried to get the NDLR in the setup.
And I am obsessed by the crazy idea to do MIDI recording in the Deluge, all just connected via USB (cause we don´t want that old 5 pin anymore) :sweat_smile:

I am on the limit with my skills…

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Plenty of “life” in that 5Pin Din, more so combining Old + new gear.
I also have a Deluge and like to be “DAWless” sometimes… I think both go along nicely :wink:
With new v3.1 you can add a USB Hub to the Deluge… just a matter of some planning ahead :wink:


I am not so deep inside that USB Hub thing,could you plz explain what I can do now with the Deluge USB Hub especially in combination with the MidiHub?
(Is it bidirectional? how many ports/channels?)