It looks amazing, will it fullfill my needs? (noob questions)

Hello everyone!

Lately, I’ve been into synths and workstations but I haven’t yet designed a good way to integrate them into my studio workflow. Also, I own an Antelope Orion32 which does not have midi I/O … so obviously, I would need some kind of way to input midi to a DAW.

My gear comprises of the following pieces:
Arturia Keystep
Arturia BeatStep Pro
Novation Launchpad XL

Workstations Samplers:
Elektron Octatrack MK1
Elektron Digitakt

Roland 606
Roland JU-06
Modal Argon 8
Behringer Neutron
(and some other stuff, obviously this list can get longer/shorter…)

So what I want to be able to do is (at the same time):

a) Control VSTi’s and Soft synths via my controllers
b) Control one or more external synths (via some kind of routing I suppose)
c) Some kind of patchbay functionality (or a way to change the destination(s) of my controllers)
d) Control external synths, while at the same time recording the midi moves in my DAW and then be able to play them back

This is most of the stuff I want to be able to do. There may be some overlapping functionalities on the things I want to do so excuse that, but I think you can get the concept…

It looks like MidiHub does support all of these but I’m not 100% sure for all of them.

Also, in case this can be done with MidiHub, can you chain more than one MidiHubs together?

Thank you so much, also it seems that you have created a very nice product!

Hey, yes, all of that can be done. :slight_smile: You’ll just have to set everything up accordingly using the Editor. If you get stuck, feel free to ask for pointers here.

One thing to note is that USB MIDI controllers require a host like your PC to forward the MIDI data to/from Midihub so the processing it performs applies to USB MIDI controllers too.

As for chaining the Midihubs - it’s possible to connect more than one of them to a PC at a time, each act as an individual device. A single instance of the Editor works with only one of them at a time (you can run multiple Editor instances though).

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Thank you for the very fast response!

I do have a Kenton MIDI USB Host to use with the Launchpad XL so from what you say, I will still need this one!

Keystep & Beatstep do output midi so that should be ok…

Other than that, great! I’m ordering one ASAP :star_struck: