Midi merge and thru boxes with midihub

Hi all,

New to the forums, and just received my midihub.
I have 4 merge boxes and 4 thru boxes (actually more, but for this question, I’ll leave it at this).

Are there any considerations to make if I feed every “in” with a midi merge box and every “out” into a midi thru box?

I will, on both ends, most likely end up with more then 16 midi devices, so will need presets to manage this into 2 pipes.

1: will this work?
2: are there special issues to look out for?
3: should I use midi channel based per merge/thru box and use presets to route everything, or make a number scheme based on two pipes
And set those up in a preset?

Hope this makes sense?


Hey, what do you mean by 2 pipes? :slight_smile:

You should be able to use the merge & thru boxes on inputs and outputs.

I wil need to connect to all synths at times, since there will be more than 16 synths (and more than 1 claiming channel 1 hard coded), I will need more then 1 16 channel midi pipe (not sure that’s a correct term :wink: ).

I know that it depends on the sequencer
Whether they can deal with that (my pyramid and NDLR should be able to manage that, if I split the A and B outs over merge boxes and route them

You have to keep in mind that a single MIDI chain/stream can signal up to 16 channels at a time. With Midihub you could manage 64 input and output channels by using the input and output ports appropriately.

You should look out for collisions of the same channel used by different devices on the same chain, fix that by editing the synth settings, so each device responds/sends on their own MIDI channel number.

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Would you suggest to use numbering based on each in and out port, and let a routing preset deal with the rest?
That should prevent collisions, but might require a bit of book keeping :wink:

You should keep track of which channel is used for which device. I’d use port letter + channel number combination for it. Then you could build a Midihub preset to get MIDI data on each channel to go where you want it to on the outputs.

Thanks, that sounds like a good solution, also considering the multitimberal devices I have. Great! Thanks!

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