Midi feedback loops and other questions

Is the best way to avoid midi feedback loops simply to disconnect a midi source from itself? For example input a goes to outputs b thru c; input b goes to outputs a,c and d, but not b.

Also, I notice that channel filters work intermittently.

Finally, I would like to request a midi monitor window, since both midi-ox and midihub editor cannot be opened simultaneously.

To complicate things further I am using inputs a - c from controller synths and clock from input c.

if I use more than a single usb output are they all transmitted through the single usb hardware port?

any help welcome, thanks in advance

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It depends on how you have wired everything. There’s nothing wrong with sending data from input A to output A, or input B to output B.

Yes, this was suggested before, we’ll look into it at some point.

Btw, what issue do you have with MIDI-OX and the Editor? I run them both at once all the time. :slight_smile: The software themselves don’t interfere with each other, as Midihub Editor does not even use MIDI APIs. DAWs and other audio software may interfere with MIDI-OX, as only one program at a time can have a MIDI port open on Windows. Still, that means you can have USB D port open in MIDI-OX, and the rest of USB MIDI ports open in a DAW.

The physical connection is the same, but the OS sees Midihub as 4 MIDI input and 4 MIDI output ports. See https://blokas.io/midihub/docs/usb-midi-port-mapping/ to find out the OS naming of USB A-D ports in the Editor.


Got rid of the midi feedback loops by virtually disconnecting the output from the input for example
if the Prophet has a input on midi port a I send it to every midi other port but not a.

I now see that the midi ports seen by midiox are the usb ports, I wonder if that is also true for the mpc?

I also now see you do have indicators for midi activity, as leds on the unit itself, however I still encourage a desktop window as some of us put the unit under the desk.

As for the midiox error, it’s intermittent, something about not enough memory oddly enough, more on that as I capture it.

thanks for the help

Yes, MIDI-OX does say that when the MIDI ports are in use by another application. :slight_smile: You may review the list of ports MIDI-OX uses, and select only ones that are not used in other software.

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Ha! The usb ports are represented as midi inputs in the mpc one as well.

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