Using multiple Midihubs

During the campaign, there was an option to order a set of 2 Midihubs for a reduced price, which I did. I’ve had them for a couple of months, but only tried one out briefly at the time due to being very busy. Now I’ve resumed integrating them into my setup-in-progress bedroom synth corner, updated the editor to 1.11.6 and the firmware on both devices to 1.11.7 with my Win 10 PC. That all seems to have gone well.

Maybe I made a faulty assumption about using two or more of these together (not the end of the world), but with both devices on and wired up to USB, selecting “connect” in the editor brings up a box asking to select one of the units, listed by a serial number or something to that effect, and upon choosing one, that closes out the ability to further connect until that first device is either disconnected or turned off. There doesn’t seem to be any facility to have both active simultaneously, unless I’m missing something, which is what I’d like to know. Otherwise this query can migrate to the feature request section, but first I wanted to check if there’s anything I’m overlooking.

What I had hoped was primarily being able to manage up to 8 downstream MIDI destinations at the same time. Even better would be if the two (or more) Midihubs could be part of a scalable, unified system, with the computer editor acting as a central router to create pipes from any of the sources to any of the destinations, but I suppose that’s a bit sci-fi at this stage. Maybe at the least one MIDI out can patch to an In on the second hub to create a cascade, even if only one at a time can be controlled from the editor, so will have to experiment with that.

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Hi, you probably are able to open second instance of Midihub Editor for second Midihub.

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Yes, you may run multiple instances of the editor, to control each devices. You may share common snippets by saving the necessary pipelines into files, and importing them into current pipeline. Or even export the memory dump of one device and import it on another device to have identical memories.

Of course it would be possible to make a single instance of the editor to connect to all connected Midihubs and allow working with all of them at once, but that would make it seem that sending data between them is possible, but that wouldn’t work without special software running on a USB host (like a PC) routing the data between the devices, and even then, the latency is likely to quickly stack up. This wouldn’t work in standalone situations, unless we create a special USB hub for performing this function. :slight_smile:

So the simplest design right now is to allow each instance of the editor to work with just one device at a time.


Thank you both. That did work, having the two windows open allowed me to connect each Midihub independently. I still need to do a bit more physical setup before being able to experiment with actual performance, but hoping to do that soon.

I also appreciate the explanation of what’s involved in merging the components into a single, combined system, and that makes sense. I will still try daisy chaining one from the other over 5-pin to see how that works, just to use my controller keyboard on more modules.


Good idea to chain it using DIN-5 MIDI, that’d be the most reliable way to forward the data through. :slight_smile:

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Thanks for the din-5 idea. That works. Of course I’m losing an in out port from each midi hub but it works.

For me the best solution would be to have a special hub to connect all the midihubs together and then only one instance with all the ports available and routable between them.
I know this is a big undertaking but the midihub is the most versatile solution I’ve stumbled upon and 4 ports are not nearly enough for a big studio.
Also if I wanted to spend a fortune on the best midi interfaces available, twice or thrice the price of the midihub, I still wouldn’t have the functionality I now have.

Please give us a way to chain midihubs :smiley:


Yup. If there were three things I could have in a MidiHub, those’d be

  1. More ports
  2. More ports
  3. USB host


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