USB Midi without a PC?

So my Midihub is still in the mail & I’ve been trying to figure out in my head the best way to use it with my setup.

I’m primarily a guitarist so I’m getting it to use on my pedalboard.

My current thought is that it will receive data from my Source Audio Reflex (a cv/analog/midi expression treadle pedal) & my Disaster Area DMC3XL (program change foot control.) The outs will go to my HOG 2 (pitch shifter/synth pedal) and my 1440 (looper.) I may also send an out to the Reflex or route my Disaster Area through my Reflex to the Midihub, I haven’t decided yet.

My synths are an Arturia Minibrute 2 and an Arturia Microbrute. Rather than having to route 3 MIDI cables to my two synths (the Microbrute only has an In) I’d like to have them connect via the USB jack.

Is there a USB hub type device for MIDI designed to handle something like this without a PC?

You could just set up a Raspberry Pi for forwarding USB MIDI controllers to/from Midihub. Added bonus is that you could use the Editor from within Raspberry Pi, remotely from your laptop or PC. In addition to that it could double as an audio effect processor. :slight_smile:

Oh that’s a terrific idea!

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Hi, there! Wow, this could solve a problem I have with my Organelle, which isn’t being detected by my PC but does receive MIDI over USB successfully. Could I plug Midihub and my Organelle into a Raspberry Pi and bypass my PC entirely?

Thanks again!

Sure! Of course you’d have to do some software configuration to make it do what you want it to. :slight_smile: We can help with that.