Multiple USB midi Controllers

Hiya, Midihub looks amazing! Is it possible to plug in a USB hub, so I can then connect multiple USB controllers/groove-boxes via USB A, and via USB B ( I can use a USB A to B connector maybe). Is power provided over the USB, will the Hub need to be powered? The USB controllers take very little power.

Another option is USB host cables (USB-A to midi), but the power issue and the controllers having USB-B connection is still to be worked out…

Any ideas?

Hey, we’d recommend using your computer or a Raspberry Pi to host USB controllers, and just forward the MIDI data to/from Midihub as necessary.

Raspberry Pi would be the most portable solution, with amidminder set up, it would automatically forward the MIDI data as needed between the Midihub and USB MIDI controllers.


In midihub would it then be possible to select multiple midi USB devices, and set up conditions between any of them?

i.e. multiple midi USB devices > Pi > midihub > dDinMidi

Midihub appears to the host OS as 4 individual USB MIDI streams (they map to letters A, B, C & D). Using utilities on your host, you can route the USB controllers to one or more of those ports and back.

Once the USB controller data reaches Midihub, it can either send it out to DIN-5 MIDI or to another USB controller, etc… however you set up the preset. Similarly, DIN-5 MIDI inputs can be forwarded to USB controllers.

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Hello, thanks a lot for this amazing instrument !
i would like to map different settings in the midihub using an ipad, to control it from touch osc. But, i can’t make it because there is only one usb port that i actually need to connect to a computer in order to use the editor. So two questions here :

  • How can i send midi messages from my ipad, to my computer, to the usb port A (for example), while using the editor on this same computer in order to map these messages ? You explained it with a raspberry but you also mentionned using a computer. Can you explain it ?
  • Is it gonna be possible to use the editor on an ipad and using the usb port at the same time in the future ?
  • Another option would be to manually edit the mapping so i can do it on the computer and then connect the ipad to the midihub. But the mapping is just in “learn” mode. Is it gonna change ?

It’s not possible to do it directly via the iPad. If you can get the iPad send USB MIDI messages to Midihub, then you can “pre-map” the MIDI CCs on the appropriate ports and CC numbers before using Midihub with the iPad. The next Midihub Editor’s update will feature manual editing of the parameters too, making this slightly easier.

We don’t plan to release the Midihub Editor on iPad or Android tablets. The Midihub Editor for Linux works on Linux based touchscreen laptops, tablets or devices such as Steam Deck though.

Yes, once the next update is out. :slight_smile:

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Hey, thanks a lot for all your answers !!!

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