Midihub and digital piano with only usb out

Does Midihub works with cheaper digital pianos like Yamaha p125. Does Midihub get midi signal from this digital piano usb also? I want to get the midi signal and spread it to other devices.

Hey, no, USB MIDI devices can’t be connected directly to Midihub, but the data coming from them could be forwarded via a PC host, or something like Raspberry Pi, and Midihub’s functionality then can be used to modify and forward the data to and from MIDI DIN.

The utilities on PC to achieve this vary with the OS, but to list a few, there’s aconnect for Linux, ‘Audio MIDI Setup’ on Mac, ‘MIDI-OX’ on Windows, and most DAWs provide the capability to forward MIDI data between connected MIDI ports.

But a classic MIDI/USB cable will work ?

Thanks !

Yes, if you’d use a cable that converts USB MIDI to DIN-5 MIDI, it could be connected to Midihub’s DIN-5 ports.

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thanks :slight_smile: Can’t wait to receive mine :slight_smile:

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