Can it merge and change MIDI channel?

I have an need to merge two MIDI streams and change the MIDI channel on the merged output. It’s this doable with Midihub?

Sure, send both inputs to a common Virtual bus, change the channel for it using Channel Remap, and send to output. Alternatively, you can use two Channel Remaps, one for each input, before sending the result to the same output.

That’s great. Now, the next problem I’ve got is that one of the MIDI inputs I’m merging is a USB midi-based pitch controller so it will need power and i don’t know if it can be plugged directly into the USB B port on the Midihub. Does that port have USB power or is it expecting power from a USB host like a PC? If 3.3v is sent to one of the DIN ports will that power the unit as well as the USB port?

Midihub can’t host USB MIDI devices, but you can use your PC or laptop to forward USB MIDI data from the USB controller to Midihub and have it processed. Or if space is an issue (like for a live setup), you could set up a Raspberry Pi to do the forwarding automatically once it’s powered and booted up.

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