Simple setup q re capturing USB from PC

I have my midi DIN Ins and Outs working fine in midihub. And I can output the controllers to USB and trigger soft synths.

I can’t a usb midi keyboard controller connected to my Mac to trigger any of the midi outs on the midihub. Is there something I need to setup on the Mac side to route the midi out to the midihub?

Do I have to have the midihub connected to a USB hub and then to the Mac? Hoping to avoid that to keep latency as low as possible (one of my midi controllers are edrums).

Update - got it to work with midi pipe. But if this is possible with the built in Apple Utility instead, I’d love to know how to use it instead.

Unfortunately the Apple’s default utility doesn’t do any data routing at all… As far as I could find out, the purpose of drawing connections in Apple’s MIDI utility is for other software to set itself up accordingly, but I couldn’t determine which audio software is compatible and reacts to it.