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I’m Not sure how to pass data from my usb controller to midihub. In the intro page it was mentioned something about using AudioMidiSetup on macOS. Do you have any further documentation on how to do that.

I have an Arturia Beatstep connected via USB to my Mac and I want to send clock info to another Beatstep on another USB port on my Mac. I can’t see how to identify them within the system. I tried going thru the Ports A-D in the editor but that did not do anything.

Any ideas?

Hey, it turned out AudioMidiSetup is not doing what we expected it to do, we’ll have to update that bit in the documentation. Instead you should use a DAW or something like MIDI Patch Bay to forward the USBMIDI data around on macOS, see the related discussion here:


Just to add:

  • both apps are free
  • here is a link to Midi Pipe
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Thanks Keyman. I did find your original link to MIDIpatchbay, and what a gem that is. I have been able to do more with that free bit of software than I have with the MidiHub so far. I just wish they could embed that little bit of software onto a bit of flash ROM so I can use it with my live DAWless rig. Does everything I want to do, for free.

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