Connecting external USB to midihub USB ins

Hi all, I have been working with midihub using midi routing for a while and all working great. Now I’m having a problem figuring out how to bring USB midi routing into the mix.

I want to route MIDI from my LaunchControl XL to my Octatrack. I have a pipe from USB A to Midi A which should work but the messages are not passing through. I know the MIDI connection is working since I can route/merge from Digitakt to Octatrack via MIDI with no problems. I think I am missing a step where I need to somehow tell my Mac and/or Midihub that the XL is connected to Port 1 on the MidiHub (as described in the USB MIDI Port Mapping help page). I have tried doing that in the Mac Midi Studio app but it won’t let me create a connection between XL and MidiHub. I can drag out a connector arrow but it will not snap to the connection. Any suggestions would be very much appreciated!

Hi, the MIDI Studio on Mac acts only as a ‘suggestion’ for software to make the MIDI connections, on its own, it does nothing… Also for some reason the connections can’t be made in the free layout, but in the other view, you could make the MIDI connections as you want.

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The suggested MIDI Patchbay seems to do the job. :slight_smile:

Yes!!! That was the missing link - literally.

Thanks so much for the info. Might be good to link this on the USB Midi routing help page for confused people like me in the future.

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