USB hosting without DAW

Hi guys,

Does anyone know of any way or software that allows me to route my USB device (Novation Launch Control XL) from my Mac to the USB A-D inputs on Midihub? I can do it via my DAW but i’m trying to keep my DAW closed to minimise distractions…


MIDI Patchbay
I use it for LCXL & Keysteps, etc → Midihub

and Midihub → Midihub for loopbacks

Can be used to filter too, but I keep all that within Midihub
Nice to be able to save patchings for a project as well.

EDIT: MIDI Patchbay (sensibly) doesn’t let Clock through by default. tripped me up a few times.
Enable via Other tab

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I use Bome MIDI Translator Pro.

Although this might not meet exactly what you like to do, using a cheap Raspberry (V1 will absolutely do) and a USB<->MIDI cable you can route the Launch Control to Midihub even without the Mac in between. I’ve built this once ago and it worked perfectly (see eg. this video

Cheers SF

I am using the Kenton MIDI Host pocket device in order to connect my USB MIDI keyboard to the Midihub with it’s regular MIDI in- and outputs. Thus I don’t need a computer at all (unless I want to reprogram the Midihub).

Yes, I achieved this using MidiPipe. I tried MIDI Patchbay, but it’s not supported by the latest version(s) of macOS (I’m on Ventura 13.4). It wasn’t a Novation device, but it was a MIDI controller with only a USB output.

One gotcha I noticed is that if your Mac goes to sleep, the MIDI connections are dropped. If you experience that problem too, you could change your screensaver settings to wait longer before kicking in.

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