USB Port mapping from RPi to Mac

So just got my midihub delivered and looking to set up some pipelines. Primarily I want to shuttle data between two Beatsteps and a Keystep. I will be using a headless Raspberry Pi as my USB host for my DAWless set up. But I use a Mac for my Pipe Editor and everything else Macish.

Is it possible to write a pipe on the Mac using a USB A IN pipe through some chunkalunks and off to a USB A OUT pipe and have that make the correct connections on the Pi when I plug in my live rig?

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Yes, that’d work, keep in mind which USB port letters correspond to which device ID on different OSes: MIDI Port Mapping - Midihub Documentation

As long as you use the matching port on mac OS and set up USB MIDI routing on Raspberry Pi using amidiminder for the equivalent port ID, things should work exactly as expected.

It’s possible to also run the editor in Raspberry Pi itself, you could use VNC or X tunneling to control it remotely, so you don’t have to keep reconnecting cables.

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Haha, it’s a journey. Thanks. Yes that was what I was wondering, how to achieve that. I guess I’ll try to get them set up and see what happens. If I encounter any specific problems I’ll ask away. I suppose in aconnect I need to map the controller devices to the correct port, but I don’t remember right now how I did that before

I was wondering about using the editor on Pi, I will have to give that a try. Might make more sense in This case Any issue with using difference computers/OSs for preset management?

I like the idea of tunneling in. I will have to investigate further. As you say messing around with cables gets annoying. Ideally once I get my setup established I won’t need a computer at all. The whole point of midihub is to add DAW features to a dawless live setup, so I want to be computer free once the basic programming is complete