Using MidiHub with other Midi interfaces?

I just received my MidiHub and am slowly figuring out how to set things up, but one thing I’m not seeing at all is if it is possible for MidiHub to send or receive data from another Midi interface device that’s connected to the same computer as the MidiHub.

In my case, I have MidiHub and a MOTU MicroLite 5x5 connected via USB to my MacBook, along with the MidiHub. I’d really like to be able to send and receive Midi data to and from the MidiHub to the devices connected to the MOTU MicroLite, but I can’t seem to find anything online that covers that.

Is this possible, and if so, how would I go about setting it up? Definitely let me know if this is covered elsewhere, but I’ve yet to find it.

It’s possible, some software like your DAW or something else (MIDI Patch Bay was suggested) has to route the MIDI data around. See this topic for related discussion:

I have 2 motu micro express plugged straight into the unit allowing me to send different msgs to each unit

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Can you explain how you have that set up?

each motu unit is plugged into midi in out on the hub then using clockworks you route the signal to where you like it to go
but I am going to try another way after watching one of BoBeats video I am going to try to use 1 motu as a 1 to 6 thru and the other as a 6 to 1 merge he seems to imply that it gives you more control
I try to dumb things down it makes it a lot easier to remember :slight_smile:


I have the following connected to my PC.
MusicQuest 8PortSE
mLAN (01x and 2 x i88x)
ERM Multiclock
Blokas MIDI Hub
As well as a bunch of stuff connected via USB

Essentially Ableton Live acts as a MIDI Router if I’m working in DAW space (Select a MIDI in and a MIDI Out on a MIDI Channel and turn on monitoring for that channel)

I have some hard routing going on behind the scenes for DAWless, basically with the ERM Multiclock supplying Clock to the 8PortSE, a MIDI Solutions T8 Thru box, the Blockas and the MRCC.

I route a Master keyboard into the Blokas, which does it’s magic, which combines with my Deluge in the MRCC to be sent and distributed though the 8PortSE to control 16 channels spread over 8 Ports.

A bit complicated, but flexible for our live stuff.