Using Patchbox OS on Raspberry Pi to send USB midi to the Midihub?

My digital piano, a Roland F-20, which I want to connect to my Blokas Midihub, doesn’t have any USB ports, so I’ve been thinking about connecting them both, via USB, to my Raspberry Pi in order to achieve this.

Is this possible to do via the Patchbox OS? I’ve already set up my Raspberry Pi 4 with it, but in its initial state (after initial setup), no midi seems to be sent to the Midihub (the lights aren’t blinking when playing the piano), and the patch that I’ve created for the Midihub (trying to send the contents of every USB port to my synth) doesn’t work.

Is it possible to achieve what I want using Patchbox OS (I’m connecting to the console version using ssh if that makes any difference)?

Hey, yes, Raspberry Pi and Patchbox OS can help getting the devices to communicate.

On Linux, some virtual MIDI connections have to be made first, to get the messages flowing between the devices according to your setup requirements. This is done through ALSA’s aconnect utility, there’s some GUI applications that make it easier to use, like aconnectgui or patchage, and there’s also amidiminder by @mzero that runs in the background and automatically makes the connections according to your needs as soon as the system starts or the devices are hot-plugged.

So to sum it up, what you need is the amidiminder utility. :slight_smile: The linked thread should contain the information to get you started, but of course feel free to ask any questions.

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Thanks! I’ve managed to install amidiminder but it doesn’t seem to work out of the box. I asked for further guidance in the thread you linked to.

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