MIDI HUB SET UP FOR MPC 1 to Logic Pro to NDLR to SPD 10

Pls help me with my
If I can be connected to MIDI HUB
also the software idea behind the hub to operate .
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Pls help me with midi hub setting up or zoom meeting or messenger Facebook @ MANOHAR GURUNG

Hi, I’d recommend to first start simple and get some simple communication between minimal amount of devices going, like your PC, Midihub and MPC 1.

Have you tried setting something up already? How far did you get?

What in particular are you trying to achieve?

The solution to your setup depends a lot on what you want it to do.

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Not yet I need help pls guide me

Manohar Gurung

Hi, first try doing something simple, like connecting your PC to one of your devices through MIDI cables. To do that:

  1. Connect to Midihub using the editor
  2. File → Open Example
  3. Pick MIDI USB interface.mhp
  4. Device → Store → Preset 1

After this, the Preset 1 will contain a very basic USB MIDI host preset, with no effects or custom routings. You should be able to get your DAW to communicate via Midihub with the connected device, and send MIDI data.

Once you get any data through, you may try familiarize yourself with some of the processing pipes Midihub has by placing it in the appropriate locations. For example, if you’re using FROM USB A to MIDI A, you should put something, like a Delay pipe into that horizontal pipeline to add delay effect.

Btw, some other users struggled getting MIDI Data out of Logic Pro, I haven’t used it, but maybe this discussion will be helpful: Trouble integrating into Logic Pro X setup

Please ask us any questions you have in the process, so we can know how to help you best to get started. :slight_smile:

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Manohar Gurung

I did a little bit of parches but could not figure out

Could you attach the current preset you have, and describe what you are trying to achieve in your setup? Start from something simple, like get MIDI from a keyboard, to some audio producing device. Once you get basic data flowing, it’s easier to add complexity and more routings & processing.

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By the way pls can you help me with my set up
Midi hub midi host NDLR and dreadbox TYPHON
I wanted to control by using PROXI MIDI CONTROLLER

Pls guide me I could not understand how the other controller works together with the midi host to control NDLR AND DREADBOX TYPHON.


I did simple Daisy chain with proxi MIDI controller
But in the dreadbox TYPHON only one preset seems like controlling with the PROXI MIDI.
The other preset of dreadbox TYPHON when Daisy chain with NDLR is not controlled .
Only one preset in the dreadbox TYPHON got the message and I can modulate the dreadbox TYPHON preset sounds

Pls guide me