Tips for new midi / mid hub user

Hello -

Recently purchased the midihub in a bit of an impulse purchase as I’ve been getting more into music & sound design and production. Frankly I was wowed but a few cool videos online, but now that I’ve received my midihub I’m a bit stuck, and am hoping for some quick suggestions.

I currently have the following - deluge, op1 field, maschine mk3, and have a seabord rise coming in 1-2 months.

What are some cool ways to utilize the midihub with these components? I’m wondering if my knee jerk purchase wasn’t a great idea, as it seems like many users are utilizing more analog synths then what I have (and the mk3 needs a computer regardless, as I don’t have the +). Sorry for the extremely amateurish question, but I figured it wouldn’t hurt to ask!

Hi Kevin, (& welcome to the forums!)

I don’t think you’re the first to be daunted by the little grey box at first sight!

First must mention

Tell us a bit more about what sort of user you might be…

for example:

utilizing more analog synths…

Some people use Midihub to...
  • work entirely stand-alone with MIDI-DIN only
  • connect hardware to their DAW with it
  • use their Mac/PC/rPi to connect USB-MIDI devices to Midihub and thus to eachother
  • do a combination of all of the above at different time

…which would you be?

sound design and production…

Some are particularly interested in...
  • making complex setups easy in live performances
  • rhythmic patterns & syncing
  • harmonic patterns
  • controlling modulations of sounds

…what might your focus be, early on?

Lastly, your gear.
Powerful stuff you’ve got there.
In light of above, tell us a bit more about how you see it interacting in your first project.

The only thing Midhub won’t help with is MPE, I think!

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Hey Kevin,

did you spot this post from SynthDad with a video link? It’s about using Midihub to take output from the Deluge, play around with it a bit and feed it back in.
Might get you started…

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