Midihub and Deluge tutorial: how to make a track by processing 4 notes from the Deluge

I made another MidiHub tutorial! In this one I show how to make a full track with lead, bass and pad using only 4 MIDI notes sent by the Deluge with all of the melodies made on the Midihub. By selectively enabling and disabling pipelines using a MIDI controller (in this case a Minilab Mk2) I can ‘play’ a whole track using the Deluge synth engine.

The Deluge sends MIDI to the Midihub, and also receives the processed notes back again, and I set up filters on the Midihub to avoid a MIDI loop. It’s also possible to control the Midihub from the Deluge by sending CC or Note messages to it. I show a few basic tricks to avoid MIDI loops and clock the arp using the Deluge clock. Hope you find it useful.


Great, thanks for sharing. Loving these videos btw. Really helping me get to grips with the MidiHub