Basic Connections via computer

I have a small setup of four hardware units and my computer. I run Logic Pro for my daw. The issue Im having is Im not sure how to setup my sequencer on my hardware to Logic through the midi hub. Do I need to do anything in the audio “midi setup first”?

The main thing I would like to get going first is my Toraiz Sp16 sampler/sequencer. I would like to sync it so when I push play in my daw it will play the sequencer. Also Im not sure what settings to use on the sp16 itself because there’s a lot of settings to choose from for how it responds to midi.

Eventually I would like to set up this behavior for my micro freak and organelle as well, but I want to set this up first. As Of right now, I have the toraiz sp16 in midi port A and the usb of the Midihub connected to the computer. My interface is a motu m4 but Im not using the midi ports if that makes a difference.

Anyone mind helping me get this setup. I need basic Midihub setup help as well as logic midi setup I think. I’ve only ever really used midi with just hardware. Thanks

Hi, check out this topic, it may help you figure out how to set up the Logic Pro: Trouble integrating into Logic Pro X setup (I haven’t used it, so can’t help with that directly…)

Usually you want to pick one device as the MIDI Clock master, which produces the clock messages and has a convenient control for the BPM. It may be your DAW, or some external sequencer with convenient controls. Then you should make sure that the rest of the devices react to the Clock, Start, Stop, Continue messages. Some devices have an explicit setting to use external clock, some devices
(including DAWs) switch to this mode as soon as they receive a Start or Continue message into its MIDI port.

This should sort out the sync part, then you just make sure that the MIDI note, CC and rest of the data goes to where it needs to go, as well as if it’s on the expected MIDI channel. (Midihub can help with remapping, mapping all to one Ch., multiplying to many Channels, etc…)