Basic setup problem Logic Pro I/O

Hi All,

I am trying to setup the midihub with logic Pro to test out some pipeline with my mac before I bring it to the studio.

My idea is to sent out midi from logic with an external instrument.
When I do this the output led from A start to blink.

But I dont receive any notes in logic. With the midi preferences. The midihub is checked as an input.

Any idea what I am missing? I have tried all sorts of pipelines.
But no response :frowning:

I see you’ve already noticed the Trouble integrating into Logic Pro X setup topic, does the information there help get it working?

I don’t have experience with Logic Pro, but otherwise, to get the MIDI data from the computer to a physical MIDI output, you’d have to have “From USB A” -> “To MIDI A” pipeline. To get physical MIDI input to the computer, you’d have to use “From MIDI A” -> “To USB A”. The USB ports are usually named using numbers in the OS itself, the order corresponds to the letter order.

Thanks. Maybe the error is in the Midihub editor.

Logic is recognizing the midihub as an input.
And the hardware device is blinking when I send out midi.

But when I open a pipeline. The midi hub mentions it’s not connected. (Bottom right)

Click the electrical plug icon at the top left, or do Device->Connect using the menu bar at the top.

Check! Already found it and did a firmware update.
But still no luck :frowning:

Could you post screenshots of the current preset in the device, as well as logic pro configuration, etc…? Unfortunately I don’t have experience with this DAW, but hopefully this additional information would help sort this out.