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I’m trying to connect my midihub to logic pro.

I have an Arturia Minifreak connected to logic via USB midi on midi channel 1, through Track 1 in logic on an external instrument plugin.

I also have a Hydrasynth desktop synth controlled by an Arturia Keystep keyboard both connected to logic via USB midi and both on midi channel 2. The Hydrasynth is through Track 2 in logic on an external instrument plugin.

I’m assuming I can set the minifreak to midihub port A and the hydrasynth to midihub port B if I wanted to assign presets to each synth? I don’t know how to make the correct IN/OUT connections to make the midihub work correctly. I have tried changing different port assignments but I can’t get any sound out of logic. Any help or guidance would be greatly appreciated. Thanks.

Hi Daniel & welcome to Midihub forum!

I’m not really clear about what is connected to what here as your two main devices seem to go:

Synth → Mac USB → Logic
(ie. without Midihub being involved)

Please upload a sketch showing your imagined message flow to help us see what needs to happen in Midihub.

assign presets to each synth

Unless you want separate presets, you should be able to use the same preset for both

Hi thanks for the reply. Are you familiar with logic? I feel like my description of the connections are about as clear as I personally know how to explain them. I’m also not a logic expert lol.

The midi hub isn’t involved yet yes this is correct so far with my setup:

Synths→ Mac USB → Logic

This is my basic synth setup as described above in my first post. Now I want to know how to port the midi of the synths into the midihub so I can experiment with the pipelines for each synth.

You should make Logic send the synth MIDI data to Midihub, and then use the received MIDI data from Midihub to produce audio.

In Midihub, the data sent from Logic will appear at “FROM USB X” ports and the Logic will see the processed MIDI data sent to “TO USB X” ports on Midihub’s side.

If you have the synths producing audio themselves, then you should disable “local control” so they only produce sound on receiving MIDI data, rather than immediately when the keys are played.