Clocked modifiers (Arp etc) into DAW

Hi there,

Got my Midi-Hub set up now and just trying a few bits out. I can’t seem to get the arpeggiator or anything requiring a clock to work when sending the output to my DAW (I’m on a Mac using Logic Pro).

I have my midi controller wired into the MH, then the MH port as the input in Logic. This set up works for everything else midi-wise in Logic no probs…but it does nothing as soon as I add a clock:

Screenshot 2023-12-12 at 17.24.21

I’m obviously missing something so obvious, so sorry for the amateur question.

Thanks for your time, cheers!.


Hey @ChrisW (& welcome to Midihub forums!)

I’ll leave it to someone else to comment on Clock → Logic.

What I notice tho’, is that Midihub’s Clock isn’t going to the Arp so it will only work if you’ve got Clock coming in from your MIDI-A.

If you want to use Midihub’s Clock for your Arp, your patch should look more like this:

Screen Shot 2023-12-12 at 21.40.27

So here the MIDI controller’s notes and Midihub’s Clock are merged in a Virtual port to give the Arp what it wants and the Arpeggiated notes go out USB-A


Edit: Beat to punch


Hi @resonotter,

Thanks for explaining, it makes sense now. I see now that sending a clock to USB wasn’t the greatest piece of guess work on my part, as Logic can’t act as a slave to other clocks anyway as far as I know. Is that what you meant when you said said someone else can comment on it?

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@JoeyButters , I don’t get it…private joke?

No, Chris, it almost certainly means that Joey was spending some time writing you a helpful response…
…and only on clicking Reply noticed that I had just duplicated some of his suggestions!

On Logic, I didn’t know whether/how it would “Slave” so hoped someone else would spot your post and give you a definitive answer.

(It would be useful to have a definitive resource topic on linking various DAWs to Midihub for DAW users to contribute)

btw, now you see the merging idea, you could bring your Clock in from Logic.

It’s likely that Logic Clock only runs when Start is enacted (again, dunno).
I do recall someone (earlier this year) wanting a Midihub Clock that stopped and started in response to their DAWs transport messages. That patch would be very simple with the new virtual mappings.

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Hi Chris

You can double check if the pipe is getting clock by clicking on it and see if the tempo is being passed along. Its up in top left of midi monitor eg: BPM: 120

I struggled with this a lot. Monitor really helps figure out where your data is going.

Regarding the DAW, I know Cubase can take clock form an external source. Its in the Transport menu under Sync Settings or something. I dont know Logic but do a googy to see if there is a similar setting in your DAW

HTH, Cheers


Hi there and thanks for your reply @SonikElectrik,

I’m slowly becoming more comfortable with my set-up and aware of what is possible…I’m really enjoying it, and that’s a good shout you mentioned about the monitor so thank-you for that.

I’ve never tried a daw-less set-up before but I imagine the level of satisfaction that comes with that must be enormous.

I’ve managed to get interesting results from MIDI data being passed through my modest hardware set-up (a Microfreak and a Hydrasynth explorer) and adding the odd Software synth into the mix here and there.

I’m currently trying to get my head around the MH programming side of things.

I’m thinking of starting a new thread about sharing MIDI between a Mac and a Windows computer ( MIDI Network set-up on the Mac to rtpMIDI on the Windows side of things for example) with MH somehow conducting via its virtual ports but I fear it may typically end up being a guessing game from my side of things, but nevertheless might be interesting I suppose to discuss all the same.