Setting up my midi hub

Hi pls help me to set up my devices
Focus rite 18I20
Logic Pro

My devices are as follows :
Habdsonic 1 spd10
Digitone keys
Tropho dreadbox
iPad is connected to NDLR
NDLR to ?

THE SIMPLE connection from midi hub to all the devices and then to the Logic Pro using focus rite scarlet
Grateful thankful

Can you list numbers if in out and thru porta on each device. Also seperate sequencer from gear that makes sound. Then I can give you a suggestion.

I usually make one port from a main sequencer (say NDLR or bsp) and set up outports to sound producing synths. Then I also any to record like the NDLR to bsp so I set up a channel from NDLR to bsp. There are many ways to set up. But if you give me the main details so I don’t have to look up connections on your synths I can help you

Then again my setups change depending on what workflow I want. So there is different ways of doing it. I usually leave a loose midi cable in one of the inputs that I rapidly could connect to something if I come up with an idea.


Also I mark the in in and out ports with color tape and the cables for my standard setup so I can change things around and restore them quickly.

The best case scenario for me would include a second midihub to use on the fly. In my backpack for quickly bring a smaller setup around without disconnecting everything in my home studio. But as a student I can’t afford it for the moment…

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My basic setup looks like this…



Manohar Gurung

I will send my device listing

Manohar Gurung

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Thank you so much
Sorry for late response
I have NDLR connected to IPAD
Digitone keys
Nts 1
Quadra thru midi port
Rolland PM5 module
I Only need patches that will work from my NDLR

@Manohar_Gurung Hi Manohar. I’ve looked at your post a couple of times. I think one reason why you’ve not got much response is that you’ve got a lot of gear that has got a vast scope of things you can do. Easy to get overwhelmed…

Maybe it would help if you narrow the scope of your question and focus on what you want to do with a few bits of your kit.
For instance, maybe start with:

  • What box are you going to hit!? (what is going to send the note/cc messages which Midihub is going top handle?) - the HandSonic, the MPC?
  • Or are you only talking about NDLR sending out notes and the other boxes responding?
  • What box(es) are going to respond & make sound?
  • Is Midihub going to do anything more than just route notes/CCs?
  • (if this was the case you could just do NDLR>Quadra>4 boxes (more if any of them has a MIDI thru port!))
    Or is Midihub going to add more magic? like doing more generative stuff based on the NDLing? Or allow you to switch routing on the fly to different boxes at the twiddle of a mapped knob.?

A sketch diagram might help.

I’m itching to see what you get going!

PS. What’s a PM5 module when its at home?
PS2. Is the Scarlett just part of the audio chain?


Thanks :pray:
Digitone keys MPC 1 TYPHON hand sonic
Connecting to Quadra and midi hub
But I don’t see any changes in my sound

Thankful grateful

Manohar Gurung

If you can send me the map
Midi hub and ndlr with TYPHON and MPC 1 iPad hand sonic

Manohar Gurung

Not clear to me, @Manohar_Gurung !

  1. Which are sending MIDI data out and how (DIN/USB)?
  2. Which are sound modules receiving MIDI data to trigger sound?
  3. Are you wanting anything more than Midihub to send/echo midi via USB to Logic?

PM5 A is a Rolland personal music Asistant sound module . I am not using this .

Thanks /
Looking for midi hub sending data to Ndlr plus TYPHON plus MPC 1, plus hand sonic

iPad is connected to Ndlr via USB
so I am looking for midi hub Quadra to send clock and some effects

USB/DIN? Assuming DIN.
From where? ie. what is sending data into Midihub?

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