Newbie looking for general pointers for my set up

Hi folks,

Received my midihub a week ago but just getting chance to plug it in tonight. My current set up has keystep going out to a midi splitter which then goes to my synths so can control synths with keystep easily while mpc one send clock to my interface by putting ableton to ext and press play on mpc and everythign plays. Ive got my synths plugged into a usb hub going into mpc so they all sync up with ableton/mpc clock.

Basically I want to easily send midi from ableton to my synths without having to change much and was hoping midihub could solve this plus utilise everything else it has to offer. I’d like to be able to send midi from digitone to ableton too think that would be great and to the typhon monosynth which the mpc does not recognise in usb midi.

I know it’s a steep learning curve and I’ve hardly learned anything with it but this is what I’m aiming for, I’m thinking the midi out from my interface to the in on the midi hub then can send out the four ports to the typhon, digitone, micromonsta and mpc. Then to maintain my current set up create another pipe with keystep out to midi splitter then into everything else as normal. I’m not sure how to create pipes etc. going to learn but does this sound feasible?

Any pointers be apprecciated just realised I need more midi wires lol


The Midihub manuals are great for referencing what the pipes actually do, but I checked out Loopop’s video on it:

In my opinion, it’s the most comprehensive tutorial to wrap your head around the basics. I watched it a couple of times and then applied it hands on.

You’ll be able to run clock to and from, split midi channels from one output, leaving the other 3 for midi effects, arpeggiators, chords etc.

It’s ground zero for communication to hardware and software; it’s that good!


Don’t forget the tutorials by CYLVESTER at the bottom of this page…


Excellent thanks guys will try check them out today.

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You’re spot on; They get even more in-depth.

Yeah I could imagine got it all set up tonight how I had imagined was surprisingly straight forward. Can now send midi from ableton to every device, can send digitone sequencer to everything and control everything with my keyboard without having to reconfigure things, or mess around with abletons external insttument device, was such a pain. Amazing, well happy as was pretty intimidated but now got the gist and wires are where they should be excited to see what else it can do, I’ve only used 3 presets as well.