Help with streamlining my small setup


I am just wondering if there is any way to improve my routing within the Blokas editor? Please have a look and thanks in advance for any suggestions!

I use Ableton with my multiple synths or sometimes I use MPC Live retro with my multiple synths (computer free this route). I never seem to use Ableton and MPC together.

A = Pro 3 In and Out Ch 2
B = Prophet Rev 2 In and out Ch 3
C = MPC In and Out
USB A+B is to and from Abelton.

I typically send sync from either the DAW or MPC. Inside Ableton the sync setting is enabled on all 4 USB Outs for Midihub. When using the MPC, sync is set for the port coming into the Hub. I am curious whether Virtual Pipes may be more efficient here? But I do not understand them too well. The CHFilter is filtering out everything but the CH the device is set to.


Hey, this preset looks perfectly fine if it does everything you’re after. :slight_smile:

Once you want it to do something more complex, I think it’d make sense to separate out some of the types of messages from the rest of the processing, one of them being the sync & transport ones.

The virtual pipelines help there - basically everything you send to a Virtual output, will immediately appear on all the matching Virtual inputs (there can be multiple copies). This way some sharing of common parts can be achieved.

Ideally, you’d want a single source of clock messages sent to Midihub, so you’d use one of the USB ports for sync, not all of them, and filter out everything but clock (and possibly keep the start/stop/continue too), send it to one of the Virtual buses, like A. Then make lines with just FROM VIRTUAL A → TO MIDI A, etc… to wherever the sync and transport control has to go.

Once done with this section, you’d create further pipelines, filtering out everything but the types of messages and channels you want to work with (like Note On / Off on particular channel), process it, and send it wherever it needs to go. :slight_smile:

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