Need Advice: Prevent Clock Loop (with RK-008)

Hi everyone,

I need some advice on optimizing my MIDI setup for both live performances and songwriting. Here’s what I’m working with:

  • Various synthesizers and MIDI-enabled instruments
  • A small setup for live performances
  • A larger setup for songwriting
  • Retro Kits RK-008 MIDI recorder
  • Blokas Midihub

The Goal: I want to use the RK-008 to record and play back MIDI performances in both setups. My aim is to have the RK-008 act as both a MIDI source and receiver, allowing me to capture and play back MIDI data seamlessly across my devices.

The Problem: When I connect the RK-008 to my MIDI chain and try to loop the MIDI clock back into it, the clock data causes a feedback loop, making the RK-008 “freak out.” This clock loop issue disrupts the setup, making it unusable for my needs.

Potential Solutions:

  1. Purchase an RK-006:
  • This seems like an easy solution since it’s designed to handle more complex MIDI routing, but I already have a Blokas Midihub, which should be capable of managing this.
  1. Use Blokas Midihub:
  • I could use the Midihub to route MIDI in a way that filters out the clock signal where necessary. This would involve sending the MIDI out from all devices (last in the chain) to the Midihub, filtering the clock out, and then sending it back to the RK-008.
  1. Other Solutions:
  • I’m open to suggestions on other possible setups or configurations that might work better.

Additional Context:

  • My current understanding is that using the Midihub should allow me to manage MIDI clock signals effectively, avoiding the feedback loop issue.
  • Ideally, I want to keep the setup portable and flexible, allowing me to bring the RK-008 to different setups and use it both as a source and a receiver of MIDI data.

Has anyone faced a similar issue or can anyone provide guidance on the best way to set this up? Any advice or recommendations would be greatly appreciated!

If the right way is to just use Midihub, I would love it - but I am feeling a bit confused on the proper way to structure the pipe.

Thanks in advance for your help!

Which device is the MIDI clock master in your setup? Is it RK-008?

The basic idea would be to have a single MIDI clock master device which generates the Clock messages and shouldn’t receive them. You’d use Midihub to route the MIDI clock to all the further devices, and ensure using Filter pipes at the correct places that MIDI clocks are not getting merged into the same stream (doubling or tripling the rate of Clock messages), as well as that the MIDI clock master is not receiving any of the Clock messages at all.

You should build your preset with such filtering in mind. I’d suggest first to start small, then add additional devices into the setup, making sure everything works as you expect.

You may upload your preset here and describe the connections to/from Midihub and we could help you out.

Thanks for the response.

In any scenario I could live with the 008 being the clock or not. But, currently - the larger setup has a a key step Pro as the clock and the smaller live setup has a Beatstep Pro as the clock. I’d be able to turn them off and drive things from the RK008 or could turn the clock off of the RK008 and allow it to simply “sit in”
On the session picking up, recording and sending notes out as needed. My goal is to not have to unplug and reconfigure all the midi din and usb cables each time. But i guess it was late and I wasn’t thinking of just turning the clock off on RK-008all together. I will
See if that’s an option.

I’m trying to avoid anything too complex and was hoping for just a simple single flow on the hub that couldn’t sit inline in front of the Rk-008 to kill
The clock. I need to test it today.

I ended up just purchasing the 006 to go with it as it feels plug and play and I can use the midihub elsewhere.