Digitakt to control a bunch of stuff via midhub, how?

I’m interested in learning how to program my Midihub so that I can connect my midi out of the Digitakt to control a SE-02, a TD-3 and two volcas. How do I start to learn how to config this?

I do have a couple other midi controllers (Keystep, Minilab). I use Logic Pro as my DAW.

I’d like to use the Digitakt sequencer to control these other devices. I have a DFAM coming and plan to sync that using the SE-02 triggers or the TD-3 CV out.

Thanks in advance for insight and help.

So you’d like to forward tempo sync and note sequences generated by Digitakt to the other devices? Each Digitakt track should be using a separate MIDI channel, so you should set up lines like “From MIDI A -> To MIDI A”, and to the rest of MIDI outputs, place in filters in between the input and output pipes to drop unnecessary messages and channels.

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Ok, so I have a the Digitakt Midi Out plugged in Midi A In on the Midihub.

I have the Se-02 plugged into Midi-a out. The TD-3 plugged into Midi-B out. The Volca FM plugged into Midi-C Out. The Volca Bass plugged into Midi-D out.

I have the “MIDI-C” track on my Digitakt set to go out via midi channel 3. The SE-02 is set to receive on Channel 3.

The TD-3 is on channel 14. The Volca FM is on 7, the Volca Bass is on 8.

I have midi hub editor set up like this:
FROM MIDI (A) -> To Virt (A)
From Virt (A) -> CH Filter (Channel 3 UN-selected) -> TO MIDI (A)
From Virt (A) -> CH Filter (Channel 14 UN-selected) -> TO MIDI (B)
From Virt (A) -> CH Filter (Channel 7 UN-selected) -> TO MIDI ©
From Virt (A) -> CH Filter (Channel 8 UN-selected) -> TO MIDI (D)

Still not working. I also have The midi tracks configged on the Takt via the discrete track controls and via the MIDI CONFIG in settings.

I have to be missing something super obvious. Sorry for the newbie questions, just looking for some good help.

hey there :slight_smile:

so i can highly recommend something for the workflow. i will concentrate on the dawless setup, since its additional stuff for you to maybe wanting to controll daw stuff by DT or else.

first, have the DT go in MIDI A. I think you dont even need the ch filter unless you want to add specific pipes/ functions to specific channels in your chain.
In the MH Editor, just do MIDI A IN to MIDI A OUT and MIDI A IN to MIDI B OUT.
For your setup, I recommend using CH9 CH10 CH11 CH12 in order for either of the machines. Thats for usability and visual feedback on the DT. Since midi a, midi b … on the DT is Trig/track 9,10,11,12… It could be SE-02 (CH9), TD3 (CH10),…
Set the DT to autochannel 14 (for example, any channel you dont use).
You also might wanna set the midi channels on each track on 9,10,… (DT internal)

Plug in your Minilab (CH14, your autochannel of DT) in MIDI IN B of the Midihub.
Route the MIDI B IN to MIDI C OUT. This way you can just select any of your midi or sample tracks on the DT, as if you would want to record something the usual way. (activate a specific track with your finger :D)
Now you play the notes in with the keyboard of the Minilab. Which gives you a keyboard with velocity and all the other great stuff for every track on DT you like.

I just seperated your machines on MIDI A OUT and MIDI B OUT. As far as I know you could chain them all together, but I think a bit of uncluster helps with potential midimess.

MIDI A IN (DT OUT)----------MIDI A OUT (SE-02 IN thru to TD3 IN)
MIDI B IN (Minilab OUT)-----MIDI B OUT (Volca IN thru Volca Bass IN)
MIDI C IN---------------------MIDI C OUT (DT IN)

If you now want to use the great potential of the Midihub for a specific channel/machine, you add a virtual pipe and route it back to the right MIDI OUT.
In the beginning I was confused of how the selecting in the editor works, so I just tell it again: you select every track exept the one you want to work with. So for example for CH9: CH9 will be the only unmarked in the list.

For the controlling of daw synth or else, just use MIDI A IN (DT) or MIDI B IN (Minilab) to Virtual A,B,C… it should work instantly if you open your daw and check on listening to midichannels.

Thats my basic setup without further midihub magic and I hope I was able to help you set things up for a start. Please ask, if something was unclear :wink:

All the best,


little add:
I have some further improvement of the basic setup.
Set your internal DT tracks in MIDI config to CH1-CH8. Use the Minilab Midi Control Center to map each midichannel to one of the velocity sensitive drum pads.
So pad 1–CH1, pad 2–CH2, on so on. If you’re a fingerdrummer, you have now gained a whole new velocity sensitive feel and non-clicky soft sounds.

Due to it’s layout your midi controller offers another ideal way for less menu diving and hands-on controlls. Use each poti above your pad 1-8 to match the track level of 1-8 (midi CC 95). So poti 1, sending on CH1=CC 95 and so on.
Think of something thats important to always have for each channel and map it to the row above :wink:

As an example, I use 4 potis to always have control over the delay and reverb without needing to be in a submenu.

well, thats it for now. I’m sure you’ll find some more ways to incorparate the things :slight_smile: