Stop one restart another midi in time

Is there a way to use that allows the device to be temporarily stopped and re-started in sync with the other devices which are still running. Looking to switch between projects on 2 707s and 2 x digitakts whilst its all goin sync ? lol

The MIDI Start message should help align the sequencers on all the devices that receive the message to the beginning of their patterns.

What you mean, can I send a midi start message to seperate devices. I want to just send clock, and be able to restart other devices in time with the same master clock but have it wait to the first bar before loading “wait to load”

What is you master clock device? You could see if you can make it send the MIDI Start message at the beginning of some particular pattern, if not, you could place a special MIDI event, like an extremely low or high MIDI note at the start of the sequence, that Midihub would replace with a MIDI Start message and send to the other synced devices, so they restart from the beginning.