Model:Cycles Start Over Message

Hi there! I have a Model:Cycles that I’m running with Midihub. I want to send a “start over” message when I hit “stop” on my external controller, otherwise it picks back up mid-sequence. I know through the CH filter you can block messages, but I’d like to do the opposite and add a message.

Any ideas? Thanks!

Hi, there’s 4 relevant MIDI messages for sequence control:

  1. Stop
  2. Start
  3. Continue
  4. Song Position

The Stop should obviously stop all the devices that listen to it, the Start should make every device to start playback from the beginning of the sequence, and the ‘Continue’ should make it continue from where they were stopped. The Song Position message allows setting the current beat position for the pattern.

Do other devices respond differently to Model:Cycles? Are you sure you’re sending the ‘Start’ message from the external controller when restarting the playback?

There’s Transform pipe on Midihub which would allow generating Start, Stop, Continue messages in place of or next to other passing through event.

Thanks for making that clear, Giedrius. When I control start/stop with my Korg Minilogue to the M:C it works as expected, but from Reaper to my M:C is where I run into the issue described above. It seems that the “start” message from Reaper is the problem. I’ll mess around with the Transform pipe and see if the issue is solved.

Transform did the trick. Through trial and error I deduced that Reaper was sending a “continue” message, so I transformed that into a “start” message. Midihub to the rescue!! Thanks for the help.