Rudimentary/primitive Step Sequencer

Hello @Team Blokas !

Wouldn’t it be nice to have some kind of “cheap” step-sequencer mode in the MIDIHub software, were the steps could be filled with our pipes ?

(I was searching to build a simple pipe to have my drummachines doing some random rolls/flams via the dices. But ended, because it’s not that simple to roll some note numbers ( 36/37/38…) that randomly.

There is also another great similar Project at :
Matt Bradshaw Design | DrumKid and Github:
GitHub - mattybrad/drumkid )

Have a look at the open code there, I think it should be possible to have something like that also in MIDIHub, certainly without audio.

Hey !

Yeah, that’s a cool idea to have a simple step-sequencer using/working/filled with pipes!
I also looked into the code you linked and as it’s opensource plus very simple, it should be no problem to use parts if it. The code author (Matt) also has absolute no problem with adapting code or it’s parts. Very similar project to midihub.
Really hope it would come !

Cheers !

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Good to see people having nice ideas like this one !

Work in progress ?