[Pipe Request] Squarp Pyramid MIDI Effects

the squarp pyramid has a few interesting midi effects which I use, they might provide inspiration for modifiers for the midihub


you’ll see they tend to be either ‘utility’ like (e.g. scale) , or creative (e.g. chance).

some I suspect wont translate, as they interacting with the sequencer, rather than just the raw midi stream, but others I think would. (and they are not particularly complex imo)

(if your interested I think its easier for you to check link, as they have description/parameters etc, rather than me do a poor job listing them here :slight_smile: … but if you have any questions how they work, what they are used for in practice - feel free to ping me)

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Together with @Giedrius we went through the list and here is a short summary. We would really like to hear which ones you are using the most? Also what other @midihub-beta-tester think about these. :slight_smile:

Already possible:
Harmonizer (Transpose pipe flow alternative)

Pipes we are currently working on:
Note to CC

Would be easy to implement:

Timing related, needs code refactoring:

Could be introduced as a Generator-type Input pipes:

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These sound great.

I’d especially like the following:

  • Note to CC (great to hear that you’re already working on that)
  • Randomizer
  • Chance
  • LFO

Regarding the “Note to CC” pipe, will some sort of value slewing option be implemented?
That might be super handy for sequencing.

Maybe a even a dedicated CC value slewing pipe might be worth a thought.


+1 for this. It would be great if midihub have more ‘effect’ pipes.

On Pyramid, I mainly use EQ, Chance and Randomizer the most. But since midihub don’t have knob on it, I guess some of the effects on above list are not that useful for as a ‘always on’ effect.

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yeah, I think that’s why this might only be inspiration as ‘types’ of things that could be done.

one possibility, but its quite a change for midihub, is to have an idea that certain CC (on a certain source/channel) can be used as control messages for midihub , that can be used to control modifiers.

din 1 -> ch 1 -> cc #1 is mapped to Chance #1 %

but this makes midihub pretty dynamic, i.e. its being controlled by a controller…
( I guess is a similar way as program change messages might be used to change midihubs preset)

I think this links up to a request someone else made about a ‘variable modifier’
the idea being (Im guessing)

you do
din 1 -> filter ch1 -> cc 1 -> variable 1

din 1 -> chance % (using variable 1)

but as I say, this is making midihub quite a bit more dynamic.

(I think you can do this kind of thing with a BomeBox, but there its a bit easier for them, as they have taken a script approach)


These are good ideas, we could definitely make use of CCs flowing through the device to modify parameters of some effect pipes. We’ll consider what we could do about this.


its really great to see how the midihub effects have developed in such a creative way since this post was created - top job :slight_smile:

since this post, Ive also added a Squarp Hermod for Eurorack to my setup,
it has very similar effects to the Pyramid, but a couple of extras

one that I really like, that could be applicable to midihub … is the Euclidean FX.
(Euclidean are a sequencer in Pyramid , but an FX on the Hermod)

Euclidean generators are really fun, and could be nice as a generator on the midihub,

but the Hermod has a nice ‘twist’ being an effect.
what it does, is have a 'standard euclid sequencer ’ running, it then kind of ‘ands’ it with the midi stream, so it uses the notes from the midi stream and also only triggers if the gate is high on both the euclid and the stream…
hmm, difficult to explain - but the result musically is, you get the euclidean rhythm but the notes are coming from the midi stream.


This is a nice 1 feature. From the hermond manual:
The Euclidean midi effect generates uncommon and rich rhythmic patterns. Originally derived from nuclear physics, and then applied to music theory, an Euclidean algorithm evenly generates distributed notes (fills) among a defined number of available slots (steps). This leads to a great number of well-known rhythm patterns, as well as many odd-sounding ones. Almost all traditional rhythms from across the world can be generated with this tool.

But this could also be added to new pipe type like the root note feature request [in order to start loop or end generative sequences] and I guess this midi fx could fit there also.

Yep, I m also still looking for a way to catch the resulting note (s) and loop the way it becomes the root :+1::wink: first to find how to, advice the other one :+1: ( easiest idea to test so far : I guess the midi master keyboard will have to be also connect using midi in and midi thru to receive then transmit again to the midi hub the generated note once used by the gear on midi out ).
After some fight with the midi clock last week that was doubling each time I was creating a new row ( i didn t understand that the filter was working the composite way I thought… ) , i m fighting this week to understand how this delay function works… :sob: