Midihub as Standalone Instrument

Hey Guys.

Great Job on the Midihub so far. I hoped I could use it more often in my videos.

And here we go:

There are 2 things that would help me a lot

  • Note Trigger Pipe
    (Explanation: Every Pipe is based on incoming MIDI. So why not implement one Pipe to produce midi signals in the MIDIhub to use it as a seperate instrument)
  • Live View of incoming and outgoing Midi Signals.
    (Explanation: I often dont know on which MIDI Channel my Gear is set. If I had a live view that would save a lot of time)

Hi! :slight_smile: Could you elaborate a bit more on the Note Trigger pipe? Is it the same as suggested in Triggered FIFO pipe ?

Unless I’m misunderstanding VolcaNiced’s idea, I’m not sure the FIFO pipe would satisfy the need as it requires incoming midi to provide the raw material for storage and later generation.
I think the request is for a pipe that spontaneously creates new midi notes.

I can imagine such a pipe looking very similar to a delay or arpegiator pipe. It would need access to a clock, and generate a new note on each occurrence of a selected clock division (1/8, 1/16,etc)
You could set a min max range for the notes generated, and set a note value pseudo-randomly, to be shaped by a scale pipe into something musical. I’m sure there’s different flavours of ‘random’ you could dream up, possibly along the same lines as an LFO (remp, sawtooth, sample and hold, etc) but I think it could work.

Anyway, I think it’s a great idea, and I’m sure I’d use it if it were to become available :slight_smile:


Thinking a bit more on this, maybe something like this could be made to work
LFO generating cc messages, a transform pipe to turn them into notes; a chance pipe to thin them out, and a scale remap pipe to make them more musical. I don’t have a chance to try this out just now, but I will do so when I get back in the studio.



Hello Giedrius

So English is not my mother tongue, so it is possible that I do not understand everything correctly, especially in technical matters. I had interpreted the other post in such a way that it reflects exactly what I wanted, but the second time I read it I had doubts and that’s why I deleted my answer there and opened my own post.

I want to use the MIDIHub as my own sound / signaling device. As far as I have understood it so far you always need a MIDI signal from the outside to use MIDIhub. If we had a pipe that would generate MIDI signals, we could do incredible things, random sequences, arpeggios … it would be great.

But it can also be that I have overlooked the function in the MIDIHub so far, then of course I ask for your pardon.

All in all, I would like to thank Blokas very much for this wonderful device, which offers so many possibilities and, above all, that you continue to develop the MIDIhub and keep adding updates. That is certainly not a given.

PS: I know that you don’t have this at number 1 on your priority list, but a little more optical adaptability would be so great. So more colors, the naming of the pipes, pipe groups as templates. But maybe the source code just doesn’t provide that either. I don’t know enough about that. I just wish I don’t realize :slight_smile:

Edit @Squ1ggle helps a lot


I’d add a Fixed Note Length pipe in there too, so that ‘Note Off’ messages would get generated too. :slight_smile: Some synths may require an equal amount of Note Off as Note On messages to work correctly.

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Could you open another Topic with this conversation? I did a video on my channel on this and need a plaxe to post it. This is bigger then normal topics … belive me … the possibilities are endless …

Ok, this is in its own topic now :slight_smile: I think you should be able to edit the thread name if needed.

So here we go. MIDIHub as standalone Instrument.
Even the Volca Drum is triggered by the MIDIhub


I’m really glad you managed to get that all working so quickly … well done :slight_smile: