Generative note sequence

I am not sure if this can be done by compining existing pipes like sync / apr / chance / randomizer etc. It could be nice to have independent simple parameter algorithms to use for auto generative forms of music notes, without entering any input midi notes. Then, compining with quantizer /scaler /chords /chance etc. can introduce interesting musical results. So a new pipe for generative midi note sequences, paraneters like note range, length, propabilities and what ever useful not able to change with existing pipes.

A lot of this can be done with already implemented pipes, the only thing is that something still has to provide the original note on message. We’ll think about whether this could be possible to do with some additional root / seed pipe.

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Nice. A seed pipe can be a great addition and looks promising for generative experiments. There also could be a timer kind of pipe, with a stop all and maybe a pause/restart previous chain for a specific given time or repeat time intervals or loop everything at the end, in order to chain and organise a more song like sequence. There can be a lot of posibilities here, in this seed pipe context. This can introduce a new kind of midihub patches for easy, auto generative, but humanized sessions for a good morning coffee… :wink:

Funny idea of the day: a metronome pipe (feeding off MIDI clock) with the actual note as a parameter could serve both as an actual metronome, and a seed note generator.


Jumping on the modular midi train. Funny ideas. I was wondering if the lfo pipe can be used to change previously mapped cc values. E.g. a new sample and hold lfo altering the seed pipe key note.

A Note mute and unmute per midi channel pipe could also offer interesting generative chains maybe? Not really related to midihub, but this video is a great view of generative music in pure data, to expose ideas or just for fun:

jazznbass, I though this could be done using the midi thru patch and setting it to on or off on a virtual midi?

( I dream of a midi multi channel mixer like, though :wink: )

There are many generative stuff in pd or max4live. One I have used and find really cool to emulate and extend in midihub is mt.sev
The graphical sequencer provides for root notes is very simple and could be a way to recreate it in the root pipe. The possible start/stop/mute plus loop/interval pipe also can emulate the banks mode etc. The root pipe maybe has to be something a bit more complex than a single note.