[Pipe Request] Sequencer pipe

Would it be possible to have a sequencer pipe?

I could imagine something along the lines of the Roland SH-101 sequencer, like in the Mutable Instruments Yarns, Arturia Microbrute, etc. working quite well with a generic MIDI controller keyboard.

We’ll note the sequencer suggestion down, we’ll see what we can do, but at the moment it doesn’t look likely to happen any time soon :slight_smile:

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A 16 steps sequencer in the form of “arturia beatstep” + note length, can be useful. No fancy piano roll or graphics, just 16 on/off ticks (16 on/off select boxes), plus the note code (drop down), pitch amount (0-127), velocity (0-127), length at bars level, active steps (1-16).
Then transport control pipes. Play (on/off), loop (on/off, times to loop), [maybe as 2 different type pipes?]. Always used with clock.

More steps more pipes to chain, loops as a pipe could be useful for some kind of “song mode”. All CCs assignable. How hard would that be to develop? I have no idea :cold_face: but this one could open up many new possibilities combined with the already developed functions.


So, it may already be possible to do what I’m mulling over, but something like:

  1. Store a list of values (whatever length)
  2. Remap an event to trigger the issuing of a value, while advancing to the next. (Max MSP’s counter + coll comes to mind.)

Maybe this is possible with some clever usage of dispatcher to then remap before collecting via a virtual output pipe, but even better would be if you could populate the list on the fly. (IE. Using a keyboard to populate the list with note values to (either linearly or randomly) associate with events, but also for use with CC values.)

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Just a bump for this, a 1-16 step sequencer (one drop down for length, then choose steps in up to 16 drop down menus like you do channels in dispatch), cycle through it and send a midi note for each beat.

Maybe with the option to start/stop via midi as well.