Random Distribution of Notes to Pipes?

Hello all, so far I’ve been absolutely loving my MidiHub, I generally use it to introduce some randomness to my sequences. I can’t seem to piece my current idea together using existing pipes so I thought I’d ask. All in all, I envision setting up various pipe-chains that affect the sequence in certain ways (beat repeat / ratchet, arpeggiate, octavator, etc…). What would be awesome is a way to send (randomly selected) notes from an incoming data to one these pipe chains.

To be more specific, each pipe chain can start with a Virtual Port. So really all we need is something that can distribute note events to various virtual ports.

Any idea if (a) this is possible using existing pipes today or (b) it would be possible to prioritize this against existing feature requests?

(which has me thinking: is MidiHub open source? As a software developer, I’d very much be open to contributing features such as these)

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Hey, you can use the Dispatcher pipe to spread notes across 16 channels, and then send those channels out to different virtual buses. Some randomness could be achieved by placing Chance pipes. The dispatcher would work deterministically though, and would allow up to 16 notes through at a time.

A new “Random Output” could help increase the note limit and help with more random port selection.

Midihub is not open source, but we might include an SDK for the next iteration of the device. :slight_smile: