New pipe module to DROP X consecutive notes

Hi folks,

maybe it was mentioned in previous posts already, but it would be really nice to have an extra pipe to drop a user defined number of consecutive incoming notes.

For example two drumcomputers hooked up to the midihub:

  • the first drumcomputer is sending the same midi note number on every step (e.g. a hihat over 16 steps)
  • the second drumcomputer/sound module should be triggered with the same midi note number but just every 16th step

Suggested solution: a pipe where you can set the amount of incoming consecutive notes which should be dropped.
That means for the example above: I can set the amount of notes to drop to 15, so the first incoming note is passed thru, but the next 15 incoming notes are dropped before the 17th incoming note is passed thru again.

It is similar to the Dispatcher pipe, where the incoming midi notes are distributed to different midi channels, but instead of sending it to different midi channels, the user defined amount of consecutive midi notes are dropped/filtered.

Hope you can follow my brainstorming :wink:

Best wishes,

You could already do something like that using the Dispatcher pipe and channel remap pipe, of course the maximum limit of steps would be 16. :slight_smile:

Of course a specialized pipe would be more convenient. Should such pipe as you suggest ‘reset’ the counter once a new note number is received, or should it work just with a particular note number?

Yes, as I said it is similar to the Dispatcher pipe. But as you wrote the steps would be limited to a maximum of 16.

Also, the Dispatcher pipe does not “reset” the distribution to the other channels once the drumcomputer/sequencer is stopped. That would be also a nice feature for the new pipe to reset the counter once the sequencer is stopped (so the new pipe should listen to the midi start/stop commands).

Resetting the counter once a new note number is received could be an nice option to set in the pipe menu, but it is not necessarily needed, since you could filter the specific midi note at the input of the new pipe with the already present note range filter of the midihub.

So e.g. I filter the specific incoming midi note (e.g. the midi note number of the hihat of my drumcomputer) and send it to the new pipe which drops the user defined amount of consecutive notes once the drummachine/sequencer is started. When stopping the sequencer, the counter for dropping the notes gets reset.

That would be the ideal case (at least for my application :wink: ).

But I already can imagine a wide range of applications for such a pipe… :hugs: