Idea for Euclidean generator

Euclidean generator


Start. =. Button

Division. =. Usual 1/32, 1/32t, etc

Note number =. Selectable

Steps. =. Selectable

Pulses. =. Selectable

Generate. =. Button

Nudge Forward. =. Button

Nudge Backward. =. Button


Pauses = steps-pulses

Pauses per pulse = pause/pulse

Remainder = pauses%pulses

And use the info Here
To do the rest

I made one in lemur with Up to 64 steps a couple of years ago, can be very effective. Would work great in midi hub.

This is a great idea. A Euclidean rhythm generator would spice things up lots in combination with other pipes. Even a simple Euclidean note repeater could do wonders in combinations