New Generator: Event

Midihub needs some kind of Event generator.

An Event generator can generate any MIDI message. Chained Event generators can be used to create a programmed set of MIDI messages in a particular order.


Bypass: Whether the Event is enabled
Trigger: Selects any MIDI message to trigger the event. Includes “Previous Event” for serial event chaining. Previous Event is the default. The other arguments are equivalent to the “What” parameter of the Transform Modifier.
Message: Defines which message to generate. Same as Transform Modifier
Argument: an appropriate argument. Same as Transform Modifier
Timing: Clocked/Free
Division: If Clocked is selected, this setting determines the next division tick the event will be transmitted.

All Events are processed Left to Right in a Pipe. The Events are queued up and sent in order and sent based on Timing events.
All Pipes guarantee the Left to Right order of Events depicted in the GUI Pipe editor.
Parallel Pipes that use Event chains will not have guaranteed order between other parallel Pipes.

If a chain of Events has additional triggers in the middle of the chain, the Events preceding that trigger will be sent (in order left to right) and any Event following the additional trigger will be queued in order to be sent on the next Time Division (if configured) or organized as a free running event chain to be pushed out once calculated and queued…

It’s not a note sequencer. Just a general purpose MIDI Event generator allowing the authoring of ordered MIDI events. You can see from my other initial posts that I’ve tried to use the Transpose Modifier to do this but have been unable to get the ordered messages I need.

Thanks for reading.

I like this idea, things like this could add a lot of potential to various sequencers!


Agreed. I’ve tried to simulate a sequencer using multiple LFOs out of sync but it’s not easy to get working.


Just scanning through this, something like this could be usable as an answer to my “round-robin” feature question.

What you’re describing sounds similar to how the programming on the “Event Processor Plus” used to work. I know I managed to get a simple round-robin style cycle out of that device, and it worked. Ultimately it was too limiting in the number of events to make use of it, and going between programming and playing really killed the flow … But I’m sure the Midihub could do it with ease!


I just had an idea which I guess belongs to this thread but also to a comment I made in another but it’s a great idea for what’s defined as a trigger in the OP…

If CC(1) and CC(2) are both (0) then event (program change 10) is executed.

I’ve been using non tempo sync’d LFO’s at interesting ratios to each other a lot in my music lately and the best moments are when the LFO’s momentarily realign after having been out of phase with each other for a long time, It’d be even greater if there was something that embellished the occasion to really make it stand out when it happens.

So using the already implemented LFO’s I could use two of them one at 1hz and the other 1.33hz and one targeting CC1 and the other CC2 and I want them to trigger a program change to my sequencer when both CC’s are at 0 simultaneously

Having this in midihub would be so incredible for the music I’ve been working on lately.

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Logic pipes? Sounds good

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Those “if … then …” triggers are not going to be covered completely even if they seem simple. Would it be better if a simple scripting language could cover this logic? Or it is easier to have dropdown menus and simple math operations between? All those sound cool, but I suppose it is very difficult to include many aspects. So the question is more like if we need a powerful scripting medium pipe, or some on going additional pipes for some basic logic. Hey, that whas just a guess not a proposal.


Yeah I’ve thought that all the variables would lead to very long lists and maybe some kind of scripting would be better, I hope it makes its way into the midihub in one way or another though as it’d be huge for me personally. I’m sure between all of us we could come up with some good ideas of how best it could be implemented.


I tried to build a Clapping-Music patch (Steve Reich) with no results. Obviously, I knew the great capabilities of the midihub, and I already knew that this patch was hard or impossible to build… but now that I put it on the desk I imagine its potentials…
I think to the monome teletype (that I own)…
hope that blokas team @Giedrius will release an SDK or something else that will able us to build and share with the community new pipes.